Testing with Linux

  • RFDpogo - Programming / Test Fixture for SMD RFD22301
  • RFDpogoDIP - Test Fixture for RFduino DIP Shield Testing
  • RFDpogoDIP40 - Test Fixture for RFduino DIP Shield Testing with Expansion
  • RFDprogmr - USB adaptor for embedded RFduino programming

    Adapt GY-521 GY-9150 IMU's to RFduino (or Simblee)

    Adapt GY-87 GY-87 IMU's to RFduino (or Simblee)

    Amateur Rocket Tilt Sensing IMU

    NeoPixel WS2812B Board

    AES experiments

    Pulse Width Modulation Expansion

    Weather Shield - Si7021 BMP180

    Wearable Weather Station - weatherWear


    WiFi testing - Espressif ESP8266

    GZLL Dongles

    Enegry Harvesting / Wireless Charging

    DVR8830 DC Motor Controller

    MEMS Microphonics

    Minature Wireless EMG Sensor

    Wearable Light Shows

    Pool Status and Remote Control

    Well Tank Level Status

    Ranch Irrigation Controls

    InterVentional Tasking
    Boinc, Xively, ThinkSpeak
     Eddystone, UriBeacon, Physical Web
     EVOthings, IoT4EE, Simblee

    Other BLE Projects
    Other Projects