RFDGY87 Shield

Invensense 10DOF IMU Project

for RFduino / Simblee

I needed a RFduino Shield for the Invensense MPU-6050. Since I already had a GY-87 10DOF IMU break out board I decided to just make a RFduino Shield to mount the GY-87 on.

The GY-86 10DOF IMU uses the same pinout and has the same dimensions so this PCB should be usable for those as well. The GY-87 uses a BMP180 barometer sensor while the GY-86 uses a MS5611 barometer.

On the bottom of the board are three jumpers for INT, DRDY, and FSYNC. The INT line is already shorted to GPIO2. The shorting trace between the two pads can be cut if your application doesn't need interrupts. The DRDY is open circuit but would go to GPIO3. The FSYNC is also open circuit and would go to GPIO4.

You can use whatever style pins you like. I didn't want piggy backing connectors.

Note, I labeled the PCB as RFDGY86 and RFDGY87.

In summary, if you already have one of the popular GY-87 or GY-86 10DOF IMU modules then you can use this PCB to adapt it to work with the RFduino / Simblee Shield system.

I have some of these FOR SALE HERE.

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