A Weather Shield for RFduino / Simblee

Here is a barometer, humidity, and temperature sensor shield for the RFduino / Simblee. It uses a Si7021 humidity sensor and a BMP180 barometric sensor. Each contains a temperature sensor as well. Both sensors are on the I2C bus. The I2C bus pullup resistors are optional as the pullups may be on other attached shields. If the resistors are needed this shield uses through-hole technology so anyone with minimum solder skills can add them.

RFDweather Weather Shield with Humidity Filter installed

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The final result was the WeatherWear Beacon.

Implementing an Uribeacon is extremely easy to develop for. Uribeacons are detected by iOS and Android Bluetooth smart devices using the Physical Web APP. The Physical Web will pickup a website URL from the Uribeacon and display it's title and description in tabular form. When you click on the item you are taken to that web page. I have a simple example on the RFduino forum.

Other than a beacon you can use the Weather Wear directly with a custom APP on a smart device. The easiest way to get a universal APP that works on iOS and Android is to develop the APP using EVOthings. EVOthings client empowers you to write your APP using HTML5 and Javascript. No need to learn JAVA, X-CODE, etc.

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