Beacons based on RFD22301 RFduino
Beacons based on RFD77101 Simblee


RFduino based

The RFDbeacon12 is a small low power beacon using the RF Digital RFD22301 SMD RFduino module. It can be programmed as a iBeacon, Uribeacon, Eddystone, or custom beacon using the Arduino IDE. It has one LED indicator and one button typically used during configuration. To keep the unit as small as possible it uses a CR1220 Battery. Lithium CR1220 are typically rated for 30 to 40 mAh providing run time from 2 to 6 months depending on the advertising interval selected. See chart below.

RFduino Beacon RFDbeacon12 top    RFduino Beacon RFDbeacon12 bottom CR1220 battery

GPIOs 0 and 1 are available for Arduino IDE programming or serial monitoring. The JTAG programming pins are brought out as well.

Run time *
Run Time Hours
ms uA @30mAh @40mAh
1000 26.3 1140 1520
5000 13.7 2290 2920
10000 11.2 2680 3570

* NOTE: Lowest power obtained by turning off all features, including serial monitor. Run times calculated for 30mAh and 40mAh rated batteries. Actual run time with Panasonic CR1220 ran for 1752 hours with 1000ms advertisement interval.

I have some of these FOR SALE HERE.

RFduino Beacon RFDbeacon12 kit I'm making this item available in partial kit form. The kit includes the motherboard, button, LED, bergstik connectors, and battery holder. You obtain the RFD22301 module from your favorite source.

It is fairly simple to hand solder the module to the board. See the instructional video on how to solder cassellated SMD modules to a motherboard.


Simblee For Mobile Based

The SFMbeacon12 series are the worlds smallest Eddystone-URL Beacons. They use the RF Digital RFD77101 Simblee module which is the worlds smallest Nordic nRF51822 based complete SOC in a LGA(Land Grid Array) style package. The advantage of these Beacons over the RFduino based beacons is they use the "Simblee For Mobile" technology to provide built-in OTA(Over The Air) Smart Phone configuration. The RFduino based Eddystone Beacons can not be configured OTA (over the air) because custom characteristic UUIDs are not possible with the current Arduino/RFduino IDE. The Simblee is in the same boat. But the advantage of the Simblee is it can hold it's own Smart Device App within itself which it uploads to the Smart Phone when needed. So no need to have general UUID support for something as simple as self-configuration.

These perform similiarly to the RFduino based beacons in regards to power consumption. It uses CR1220 or CR1225 Lithium battery.

It comes with one LED indicator and one button used to activate it's configuration mode.


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