RFDGY521 Shield

Invensense 6DOF / 9DOF IMU Project

for RFduino / Simblee


Here is an adaptor board to fit a GY-521 6DOF IMU or GY-9150 9DOF IMU or MPU-9250/6500 IMU to the RFduino / Simblee Shield system. The GY-521 uses the Invensense MPU-6050 6DOF processor. The GY-9150 uses the Invensense MPU-9150 9DOF processor. The MPU-9250/6500 uses the Invensense MPU-9250 9DOF processor.

The GY-9150 9DOF IMU and the GY-521 6DOF boards have common pinouts so either can use this board to connect to a RFduino / Simblee Shield system. Certain MPU-9250/6500 9DOF boards can also be used with this board to fit them to the RFduino Shield system.

RFDGY521 top RFDGY521 bottom

On the bottom of the board are two jumpers for INT and AD0. The INT line is already shorted to GPIO2. The shorting trace between the two pads can be cut if your application doesn't need interrupts. The AD0 line is already pulled down through a resistor on the GY board. If you want to use the alternate address short the AD0 pads.

RFDGY521 end view RFDGY521 mounted

You can use whatever style pins you like. I didn't want piggy backing connectors.

In summary, if you already have one of the popular GY-521 or GY-9150 9DOF IMU modules then you can use this PCB to adapt it to work with the RFduino / Simblee Shield system.

Likewise, if you have the popular MPU-9250/6500 9DOF IMU module you can use this PCB also. Note the FSYNC and nCS pins of that board will not be used or connected, and should hang over the edge.

mounted MPU9250/6500 top view mounted MPU9250/6500 bottom view

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