Bed of Nails Pogo Fixture - Test DIP Shields

This is my POGO fixture I developed to for testing custom shields that
conform to the RFduino Shield DIP configuration. This fixture is pinned out
so it can be plugged directly into the RFduino Shield RFD22102. Then the DUT
(Device Under Test) can be held down against the spring loaded pogo pins
and the test program initiated. 
RF Arduino RFD22301 Test Fixture comparison
The Prototype
RF Arduino RFD22301 Test Fixture mounted
with CPU

with DUT

The RFDpogo fixture mates directly with a RFduino RFD22102 CPU and USB shield to
provide easy programming via the Arduino 1.5.x and 1.6.x IDE for ARM processors.
RFDpogoDIP bed of nails

The production board has holes and pads big enough to support the pogo socket without having to drill out holes like I did for the prototypes. Note the missing pin is the antenna connection for the RFduino which is not needed for most designs. RFDpogoDIP bottom view

Notice in the bottom view the protruding square pins are NOT soldered on the bottom. This is to provide maximum length to fit into mating sockets and solderless breadboards. The solder connections are made on the top side of the bottom board. Note on the top view the sockets are not soldered on the top to avoid getting solder into the pogo sockets. They are soldered on the bottom side of the top board.

RFDpogoDIP mounted on RFduino RFD22102 CPU. The pogo pins themselves are fit the connector holes in the DUT. The pins are easily replaced to accomodate alternate pogo pin requirements.

I might have these for sale on EBAY. Search for RFDpogoDIP.

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