MIDI - RFduino - WS2812 Neo Pixels

Five Octave MIDI displayed on 60 LED Neo Pixel String

RFduino code MIDI_RFduino_WS2812 MIDI_RFduino_WS2812.ino

This DEMO is meant to just show that MIDI note data can be received by RFduino at the MIDI Baud rate of 31250 while doing the tight timing required to send data to WS2812(B) RGB LEDs without use of any complicated LED libraries.

A RFduino serial port is used to read the MIDI data into an array. MIDI note data includes velocity data representing 127 levels of how hard a key was pressed.

Five octaves of that array are continuously sent to the WS2812 Neo Pixel String.

Early versions of the nRF51822 RFduino library didn't include definitions for the UART to run at 31250 baud. You can add the definitions though as explained here. All the latest version of RFduino and Simblee libraries include support for the MIDI baud rate.