BLE MIDI Testing

MIDI DIN to Bluetooth LE (smart)

First experiments using Simble For Mobile to test speed over the air.

Simple application to test the speed of sending MIDI notes with velocity information over Bluetooth LE (BLE or Bluetooth Smart).

A small MIDI DIN plug with BLE transmitter draws it's power from the MIDI OUT jack.

SFMmidi Prototype

The received data is displayed on a simple histogram style plot. The x-axis is the keynote. The y-axis is the velocity value indicating how hard the key was pressed.

I want to adopt the BLE MIDI protocol, but unfortunately the Simblee does not provide a means to declare the required custom characteristics. In order to do so, I have to use the Nordic SDK and/or the MBED compiler. Either way, I loose the Simblee For Mobile feature. Perhaps the easiest way is to use a RFDmbedMK20 to mate a RedBear MK20 MBED USB programmer to the Simblee JTAG pins.

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