GaZeLL Dongle


Prototype GZLL USB Dongle uses the RFdigital RFD22301 with Gazell Protocol.
The dongle can be customized for customer applications easily using the
Arduino IDE version 1.6.x or 1.8.1 with the RFduino extensions.


  • Arduino/RFduino IDE Compatible
  • Nordic Gazell Protocol Stack
  • Gazell HOST and/or CLIENT
  • RFduino BLE Smart Perihpheral Stack
  • USB Interface - SiLabs CP2102
  • WS2812B RGB Serial LED
  • Custom Applications
RFDongle V0.1 with WS2812B RGB LED
Version 0.1
RFDongle V0.3 with WS2812B RGB LED RFDongle V0.3 with WS2812B RGB LED
Version 0.3


  • Gazell Star Topology
  • Bluetooth Smart Peripherals
  • UriBeacons
  • Custom Beacons
  • iBeacons
  • Windows,MACs,Linux

The RFDongleGZLL enables a PC, MAC, or Linux to communicate with devices running the RFduino GaZeLL Protocol which is based on the Nordic Gazell Protocol. The specific application is user programmable using the Arduino 1.6.x, or 1.8.1 IDE with the RFduino extension library 2.3.x. It can be programmed as a Gazell HOST or CLIENT.

The RFDongleGZLL can also be programmed as a Bluetooth Smart (BLE) peripheral device if desired. The RFDongleGZLL can be programmed as an UriBeacon, iBeacon, or a customized Beacon. UriBeacons are detected by the Physical Web function of future smart ready devices. Currently available as apps for Android and iOS smart ready devices with Bluetooth Smart capability. UriBeacons using RFduino is as simple as programming the RFDongleGZLL with your UriBeacon using a PC, Mac, or Linux and then plugging it into a USB charger somewhere.

Example Code

The RFDongleGZLL is easy to program using the RFduino extensions to the Arduino IDE. If you want to use the built-in LED you need to know it is a WS2812B Serial RGB LED connected to GPIO2. The WS2812B Serial RGB LED uses a specific serial protocol with rather strict timing requirements. A simple subroutine, loadWS2812(), that meets the required timing is provided in the examples below. No complicated library is needed for this simple use case.

RFduino example code to utilize the WS2812B RGB LED