Simblee For Mobile Color Sensor

BH1745 Color Sensor

BH1745 Color Sensor Shield

A Work In Progress, albeit, not by much!

My attempt to interface the BH1745 Color Sensor to Simblee. I originally made the shield to interface to RFduino. But thought it would be more interesting to use it in conjunction with Simblee For Mobile. My intent was to display on the smart device the color detected by the remote Simblee based color sensor.

The color sensor is BH1745 from Rohm Semiconductor. It uses I2C protocol to communicate. Resistors R1 and R2 are pullups for the I2C bus. I am using the internal pullups on the Simblee's Nordic nRF51822 SOC.


While the UI part of this project works, I don't quite understand the algorithm needed to get a perfect representation of the color. But here it is if you want to use it as a starting point.

BH1745ColorSensor.ino BH1745ColorSensor.ino

p3_UI.ino p3_UI.ino

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