SuSE Linux Server IT Support

My IT work involves helping small start-up companies that wish to keep
their servers within their own facilities for control, security, and
privacy reasons, yet don't see the need for a full time IT department.

The servers I set up are based on SuSE Linux and are configured to
support users of Windows based workstations, as well as Linux and MACs.
I configure and administor the SuSE Linux servers to be run on customer
premises per customer requirements to provide Domain Name Services,
Email Servers, Web Servers, Firewalls, Routing, Backup Servers, File
Servers and Windows Domain Controllers using bare metal or XEN Virtual

My IT experience includes LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP), Dovecot, Postgrey,
Postfix, Sendmail, Amavis, Squirrelmail, Bynari Exchange, ClamAV, Sophos,
MAIA, Spamassassin, Mediawiki, BackupPC, rsnapshot.

I am comfortable managing from the command line DNS, DHCP, LDAP, Apache WWW,
Firewall, Routing, SAMBA, IMAP, and VPN. Once set up, I administer these
services remotely via VPN and Trusted Networks.

I have customized my Lot Number Tracking programs to track medical specimen
devices from manufacturing processes to clinics, patients, and back to
analysis labs using PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, and PHP.

My primary clientelle are research companies in the Bio-Engineering fields
requiring the utmost confidentiality.