Electronics Engineering

My Electronics Engineering experience includes custom mechatronics using analog and digital circuits, and assembler level PIC chip programming and ARM Cortex M3 interfacing. I have worked extensively with Nordics nRF5x primarily involving RF Digital's Simblee and RFduino.

I've done work for volumetric infusion pumps, nano-infusion pumps, transluminal endarterectomy catheters, ultrasonic guidewires and catheters, cutting balloon catheters, perfusion catheters, solar tracking, ultrasonic and sonic circuits, infrared circuits, phase conjugate fiber optics, magnetics, stepper motor controllers, back-EMF pulse width modulated motor controllers, data acquisition, sensors, and some limited MPPT. I have years experience using Linux in custom process control applications.


Since around the turn of the century many modern audio video and home theater equipment manufacturers have spaced their banana-jack speaker output terminals to 1" to prevent the use of 3/4" spaced dual banana plugs. The 3/4" dual banana plugs are now verbotin in Europe since they can accidentally be plugged into their 240V power receptacles. I designed the first and only dual banana plugs with 1" spacing that will fit these newer receiver designs. The current standard for dual banana plug safety is 1" spacing.
Dual Banana Plugs with 1 inch spacing

Musicians in small bands who wants to play multiple instruments during a song with his one amplifier has to quickly unplug and plug instruments or use a mechanical ABC selector switch. Either way there is some delay and sometimes confusion. I designed the automatic ABC selector which allows one of three instruments to be picked up and played without need to pay attention to switches or plugs.
Musical Instrument Automatic Selector Switch

Some other projects I've had interests in...

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