Programming Fixture - Test Socket Shield

This is my POGO fixture I developed to program and test RFD22301(RFduino)
 and similar SMT / SMD modules from RF Digital. These fixtures are pinned out
so they can be plugged directly into the RFduino Shields.
This first prototype version of the fixture required holding the DUT
down with a finger for the few seconds it takes to upload a sketch.
RF Arduino RFD22301 Test Fixture comparison RF Arduino RFD22301 Test Fixture mounted RF Arduino RFD22301 Test Fixture prototype side view

The second version uses an improved mold and has an acrylic sliding
clamping mechanism to hold the DUT in place for extended use.
RFduino RFD22301 SMD Device Under Test RF Arduino Pogo Fixture Side View

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The RFDpogo fixture mates directly with a RFduino USB shield to provide easy programming
via the Arduino 1.5.x+ IDE for ARM processors. Running test sketches before soldering a
SMD module to a custom board is a good idea. 
RFDpogo mounted to RFduino RFD22121 USB shield RFDpogo mounted to RFduino RFD22122 LED shield and to RFD22121 USB shield

The RFDpogo can easily be used with standard prototype breadboards.
RFDpogo Fixture with RFD22301 SMD device mounted in prototype breadboard
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